Pamela and John D

Pamela and John D


In times past we, like many, or perhaps most families, thought holidays were a luxury to be fitted into our already busy lifestyle. However, priorities change and we began to consider holidays, not as a luxury to be fitted in, but rather, an essential time to be planned and organised. It was at this time we ‘discovered’ timeshare and purchased a week at two different resorts. Utilising these weeks and bonus weeks we were able to avail ourselves, and to share with family, weeks of holidays at various locations. As is always the case when planning holidays around such a system, there could be somewhat limited availability of options and suitable dates.   Whilst enjoying a holiday on Queensland’s beautiful Gold Coast, we were invited to a presentation by Classic at which the benefits of a Classic Escapes Membership were explained. There was no pressure, just a shared understanding that, yes, holidays are important, – ‘how can we enhance your holiday experience’? Our cynical selves resolved to consider the opportunity presented and listed the pros for ourselves and family as well as listing any possible cons that required further research /answers. With what patience and understanding did Classic staff help us through the process, providing total transparency as to the functions and operation of Classic Membership. Central at all times was the ethic, ‘how can we enhance your holiday experience’?   Our relationship/membership began with Classic four years ago and since that time we have been able to plan and experience holidays at locations and prices that many would just dream about. In our dealings with Classic staff as we seek to book holidays, we find that they too share the ethic, ‘how can we enhance your holiday experience’? We thank them for their efficiency and courtesy.   We write this as an unsolicited testimony as thanks to Classic and in the desire that our experience may assist others in making their decision regarding membership.   Pamela & John Docking


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