Gay M

Gay M

Had a great time 5-12 April with my friend Ann; you were all marvellous, including the maintenance chaps who briskly replaced the dishwasher when it didn’t cycle properly. It’s like coming home, a trip to SR – and SO LOVELY to be on a high floor after unit 1 in 2012 – thanks ever so much again. Wow, you certainly outclass Tiki Village where we had to spend our first week as SR was full on 29 March. It is so cramped there, though we enjoyed the canal views too.

I have done the survey below – top marks all round! Best wishes to Peta, Kerry and the other ladies on reception whom I didn’t meet. Our week flew by, especially with a quick trip to visit family members in Warwick one day and Noosa a couple of days later.

We flew to Auckland just before Cyclone Ita came south, if it reached as far as the Gold Coast (?) but we have it here today – a couple of houses have lost roofs and the rain is drenching down!! At 24 deg it’s warm and wet for Northland in April.

From a very happy owner – Gay McCullough


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