Where to find Asia’s best street food markets

Where to find Asia’s best street food markets

Thai street food BBQ

Thanks to our close proximity to Asia, you can find some of the best, authentic Asian food in restaurants around Australia and New Zealand. But there is nothing quite like experiencing the real thing and taking in the sounds, smells and sensational flavours of authentic Asian street food markets. Add these must-visit street food markets to your travel menu and feast your way through our favourite Asian foodie destinations.


Singapore’s best street food markets can be found in the city centre, including the Maxwell Food Centre, known amongst the locals and tourists as the home of the best Hainanese Chicken Rice in town. Dubbed the ‘grande dame’ of markets in Singapore, Lau Pa Sat, offers every kind of Singaporean street food with a backdrop of breathtaking architecture. For lovers of barbequed pork and dumplings, the Hong Lim Food Centre is known for selling the best of the best.

Chinese dimsum


Tokyo’s Ameyayokocho Market in the Ueno district is home to the best Takoyaki, Japanese curry and fresh sushi and is a favourite amongst both tourists and the locals. Tokyo’s Shinjuku region is a prime location to grab a bite, with stalls lining the street that feature ramen, gyoza and meat sizzling over charcoals.

Takoyaki most popular delicious snack of japan


With a reputation for some of the world’s best food, it doesn’t get much better than Bangkok if you’re a foodie. One of the oldest and most authentic places to experience the street food is at Ratchawat Market, known for its roast duck and Kobe Beef noodles. You won’t be able to resist the smell of fresh garlic, steamed dumplings and fragrant stirfrys that saturate the air at Charoen Krung Road.

Street food in Thailand market


The locals can’t get enough of Kuala Lumpur’s Petaling Street for its delicious Nasi goreng pattaya. Also located in central Kuala Lumpur is the Kampung Baru Sunday Market which boasts more than one specialty with some of the most delicious rojak (spicy fruit and vegetable salad), grilled fish, satay meat skewers, nasi lemak and colourful kuih on the menu.

nasi lemak - Malaysia


The Kuta Night Market is a prime spot to snap up some local favourites at very affordable prices including the nasi goreng and Gulai Kambing (lamb stew). Arguably, Bali is home to the world’s best sate and the delicious nutty sauce can be found drizzled over all meat varities at the Pasar Kereneng Market in Denpasar.

Balinese Chicken satay

Hong Kong

Graham Street in the city centre is always abuzz with both locals and tourists as they pick up their classic favourites, from pineapple buns to crispy chicken claws and Cantonese chicken. Fa Yuen Street in the Kowloon region boats some of the best Hong Kong waffles, with the stuffed choc chip version at the top of the list. Temple Street in the Jordan area is without a doubt, one of the best places to go for authentic and fresh seafood dishes.

Hong Kong Street Food


Nicknamed ‘breakfast street’ (Hubuxiang) in Wuhan, the most important meal of the day is covered with the specialty tang gao, a mouth-watering deep-fried doughnut made with rice flour and sugar. Shanghai’s Fangbang Road is packed with vendors and the xiao longbao dumpling encasing a succulent broth is an absolute must.

Zongzi , Chinese Rice Dumplings


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