Top Road Trip Essentials

Top Road Trip Essentials

tumblr_oa9ouccUUS1ta0hnbo1_1280 South Island, just outside Queenstown, New Zealand

It’s time to hit the road.

Road trips are the backbone of adventure, the epitome of spontaneity and one of the best ways to explore a destination at your own pace.

But with all your belongings confined to a vehicle, there isn’t often much space for creature comforts or unnecessary items.

There are ways to make your trip that little bit easier should you run into trouble or just want to be prepared, so we have found the absolute musts to pack in the trunk!

  1. Whatever elements you are battling, a good quality waterproof camera will ensure you don’t miss any of your holiday moments.
  2. In the event that disaster strikes, you will be very grateful that you bought a torch.
  3. Whether it’s an overheated car or to quench your own thirst, water is always a must.
  4. Road trips are all about going with the flow, but if you find yourself a bit too far off the beaten track, a GPS is always a good thing to have at the ready.
  5. Did you just lock your car keys in the car and you’re in the middle of nowhere? Lucky there is a spare set of keys in your bag!
  6. Music makes the world go around, so be sure to have a packed playlist of entertainment that everyone will enjoy.
  7. Phone batteries always seem to die when you need them most, so don’t forget your car phone charger.
  8. Sometimes unfortunate things happen, so if you find yourself with a lost wallet, a declining card or no ATM, having some cash stashed in the car can get you out of trouble.



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