The Ultimate Retirement Bucket List

The Ultimate Retirement Bucket List

Retirement is where the real fun begins. It’s the time to celebrate and reward yourself with a holiday to some of the globe’s most exciting destinations.

Whether you’re seeking relaxation, an adrenaline rush or off the beaten track adventure, our top picks have got all tastes covered.

Safari in the South

What better way to kick off a retirement than with a trip to South Africa for a Safari Tour? There is nothing quite as satisfying as hitting the dusty roads and vast savannah to spot the ‘Big 5’, lions, leopards, elephants, rhinoceros and buffalo. However this time, there is no glass or television screen between you.

01. South Africa

Adventures in the Antarctic

If you’re seeking an escape for relaxation and solitude then it’s time to cruise through the Antarctic. Take a walk on the wild side and explore the beautifully rugged sub-Antarctic island of South Georgia, Antarctica which is steeped in captivating history yet virtually untouched by man. Having one of the greatest concentrations of wildlife on the planet, it would be a once in lifetime trip to experience one of the jewels of the Southern Ocean.

02. Thousands of King Penguins run from Katabatic winds in St. Andrews Bay, South Georgia

Unforgettable Uluru

Lying at the heart of Australia’s ‘Red Centre’ and one of the country’s most monumental landmarks, Uluru really does need to be seen to be believed. Whether you embark on a road trip and explore the base at your own pace, do a fly over or experience the stunning Sounds of Silence Dinner under the stars, the grand scale of Uluru is what makes it so renowned.

03. Uluru

Thrill Seeker Capital

If your retirement has bought about a new found love for adrenaline and adventure, New Zealand’s Queenstown is your playground. From hitting the ski slopes at The Remarkables, leaping off the country’s biggest bungee platform at the Nevis Bungee or zooming through canals on a high thrill het boat, there is a flavour of fun to suit everyone.

04. View from top of the Remarkbles Mountain, Queenstown, New Zealand

Pacific Paradise

Is your idea of a holiday is sitting on porcelain white sand beaches and overlooking crystal clear waters with a cocktail in hand? If you answered yes, nothing beats Fiji. Snorkel the depths of the ocean, sail among tropical islands, swim beneath towering waterfalls, target game fish species or stroll through local markets. One thing is for sure – stress and Fiji do not go in the same sentence.

05. Fiji beach - Yasawa islands


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