Hi Lorelle,

I have requested Kylie to provide me your direct email so that I can advise you what a great job so far she has provided.

With work and family commitments, it’s hard to organise family holidays, and having our timeshare and finally being able to use it is exciting. Kylie has proven to be a great model for customer service, always responding in time, and if delayed notifying me the reason and reassuring me that she has not forgotten me (which has happened in the past with previous travel agents). I have given her multiple dates to investigate, and she has been very diligent in responding to my queries.

It is without a doubt, that you have a great role model for other service officers in your team. Kylie has not only done her role, but has gone above and beyond, providing alternative options and her experience in travelling to the places we are looking at. It is great to speak to someone that has travelled there, to get an insight and give us tips and ideas on best ways to really enjoy and maximise our travel.

I would, if asked again to engage Kylie on our future holiday plans. And if I have any other friends, I would definitely recommend Kylie again and again.

Kylie, thank you for a job well done! It is truly appreciated.

(from an excited adult going to Disney World!) J




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