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I just want to extend my gratitude and exceptional customer service to one of your valued team members, Melissa Rawlings. Over the last month, she has not only responded to my queries online, but has gone above and beyond in offering alternative locations for my family trip next year. Coming from a Customer Service background, I know the importance of having a conversation on the phone or email that reflects a positive view of the company and Melissa has shown impeccable service through her email communications with well-informed responses.

I am a new Classic Escapes customer, and when my husband and I signed up, we knew of the value of becoming members, but no one really explained the ins and outs of what we can and cannot do. In previous emails, Melissa has provided me some guidance on how to manoeuvre the site, explaining points purchase and exchange properties. I work in the Consulting industry and time is of the essence and Melissa has taking the initiative to do the leg work for me instead of wasting precious time on navigating through information.

She is to be commended and I am sure I am not the only customer that has extended their well wishes to Melissa.

Great work Melissa and keep it up. We will keep communicating for our upcoming trip to the States.

Richelle Manalo


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