Anthony & Veronica Carr

Anthony & Veronica Carr

We had members come into reception yesterday 27/5/2013.  Anthony & Veronica Carr, they are IVC members.  They were confused about how their membership works.

Donna Taylor came and saw them.

As they were leaving they came back to me and said that they were so grateful for all Donna’s help.  They said Donna was able to explain things so well to them, that they now felt that they had an understanding of their membership and how to use it.

They made the comment that having knowledge of a particular subject does not mean that it can be explained in a way to someone that makes it all clear.  They said Donna has a definite talent of being able to explain things without using industry jargin and was extremely patient with them.

They could not praise Donna highly enough to me.  They said the long trip to find us here at the office was well worth their while.

They feel they will be able to get much better use out of their membership now due to Donna’s help.


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