Adele Duncan

Adele Duncan

Dear Melissa

You did a great job in organising the holiday for us and I appreciate it very much.

Home safely after a wonderful trip -thank you so much for all your organising.  We loved Wales and would recommend it to anyone.  The roads are very narrow and winding to get to Plas Talgarth but when you get there it is just so lovely.  The view from our lounge room was green meadows with lots of sheep – it was just gorgeous.  They were very welcoming – had a beautiful unit – so spacious, best of the whole trip in terms of 2 families living together.  Dining room was lovely and food great.  we cooked for ourselves quite a bit and all facilities were available and unit well stocked with everything to cook with.

Our next place was the Lakes District which I found very comfortable – two nice bedrooms and our own bathrooms which was great also.  We could sit on the balcony and look at the magnificent yachts in the marina outside – very picturesque.  Lots to see and we took advantage of the bus that is hop on hop off and travels to nearly towns in the Lakes District.  Better than taking the car all the time as parking is very expensive everywhere you go.  We went over to the east coast to Whitby for the day while we were there and that was such a great place to see and so much history.  Would recommend it as a place to see in the UK and again a bus trip around the city was fabulous and gave us so much information.  Really recommended.  We did a cruise on the largest lake one day also and it was very enjoyable.  A whole day trip.

From there we went to Edinburgh.  While the unit was very central to our needs and only £10.00 in a taxi to go into Edinburgh it was three stories up and for older people like ourselves, to cart all our suitcases up and down and even just walking up and down a few times a day was quite tedious.  Very well equipped but the floors were so creaky that you could not get up in the night without disturbing everyone.  they were unbelievable and I certainly could not live there with the floor noise.  Only one toilet in the bathroom and with two families this must be a consideration.  Towels were very old.  When I rang to confirm two days earlier as requested on my paperwork the Lady – while very nice to me – was cranky that she had no place to send the key to.  When I explained that we came from Australia and I did not think she would want to send keys to Australia and we were travelling in the meantime she settled down.

She said she would have to drive there and wait for us to give us the key but I suggested was there a place to leave it.  She said under the rubbish bin.  we got there at 2pm, got the key and went to the unit only to find her husband cleaning it.  He said to come back in a hour or so so down we went the stairs and waited.  It all worked out in the end.  The biggest shopping centre is straight across the road so that was a big bonus.  We enjoyed our time in Edinburgh and travelled to the north of Scotland while we were there.  Food is extremely reasonable in the UK -we could not believe the variety we could buy and how cheap it was.  Great news.  Overall a good stay.  These are not complaints about anything but as you said you had not been there I thought this may help for other people.

From Scotland we journeyed to Belfast on the wonderful Ferry – a great day first travelling through beautiful countryside in Scotland and then boarding the Ferry.  Our stay in Belfast was wonderful.  Every May they have a Fools Festival which is subsidised by the local Council.  It has street activities – singing dancing comedians and many other bands etc.  it was the best time and if you go to Belfast – this festival is a must see and it is free in the street.  They pass around a hat and people are happy to give.

Our tour of Ireland was wonderful and the countryside was green as green could be.  A great experience.

Cornwall was lovely and the cottage we stayed in was built in 1790.  Have never stayed in something that old before.  The owner had scones and clotted cream and jam waiting for – home made and on the night before we left came to meet us and stayed for a couple of hours.  we had a wonderful time with her and learned more about the history of the area.  the cottage was very comfortable and we just loved Cornwall.  We travelled to Lands End, saw the wonderful towns of St Ives and  many others.  There are festivals everywhere over there at this time of year and well worth going to.  People were so friendly and we often had long talks with the locals.  The weather was cold until we got to Paris – had t wear jackets all the time but not unbearable.

Hope I have not bored you too much but just wanted to thank you again and let you know we had a great time.


Adele Duncan


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