Daydream Island – 5 highlights in 5 minutes

Daydream Island – 5 highlights in 5 minutes

Part of the exquisite Whitsunday Islands group, Daydream Island is a truly beautiful location that highlights the best this region has to offer – beaches, weather and service!

But what makes Daydream Island stand out in front of all the rest? Here are 5 activities that you simply must-do when holidaying on Daydream Island.

Relaxing in the Hydro bath at the Rejuvenation Spa

This is the stuff holidays are all about! Daydream Island’s world-class Rejuvenation Spa is the perfect place to relax and unwind, offering an array of luxurious treatments that provide hours of indulgence.

All your senses will be reset with treatments on offer including aromatherapy, massage and beauty therapies all overlooking stunning panoramic views of the Pacific Ocean.

But for the ultimate in relaxation, we really couldn’t look past the Hydrotherapy bath. Imagine massaging jet streams of warm water gently relaxing you from shoulder to toe, it sure soaked away all our stress!

This is surely a must-do activity to begin your wind-down on Daydream Island.

Snorkelling off Mermaids Beach

Mermaid’s Beach is an amazing expanse of coral beach that boasts a stunning backdrop both above and below the seas.

We found that snorkelling is the best way to get amongst the underwater life on the island, and there’s no better place to explore than Mermaid’s Beach.

Can you imagine snorkelling in warm turquoise waters eyeing a plethora of brightly-coloured marine life? A definite highlight of our trip. 

Great food at a variety of eateries

Whether you’re after a quick snack or a smorgasbord feast, one of the great things about Daydream Island is that you’ve got a great variety of food choices on offer.

Our highlight was absolutely Mermaid’s a la carte restaurant, which offers some of the freshest seafood you’ll ever eat – straight from the ocean to your plate!

Such romantic surrounds here at night too, with flaming torches, the moon and the stars all adding to our dining experience.

 Sunset drinks at Lovers Cove

One of our favourite nights was spent sitting on the white coral sandy beach of Lovers Cove sharing a drink as we watched the sun slowly set over the azure waters.

This sheltered private inlet hosts gentle waves that gently roll into the shore, creating a peaceful soundtrack to enjoy your sunset drinks.

You won’t find better ambience on the island, or a better way to conclude your day.

Day cruise to Whitehaven beach

The natural glory of Whitehaven Beach is something that truly has to be seen to be believed. Once you’ve experienced the pure silica white sand, water all different shades of aquamarine, the reef surroundings and the vivid green backdrop, you’ll easily understand why this is voted the best beach in Australia.

We were amazed that when we stepped foot on the beach it really did look just like it does in the brochures! A day cruise to Whitehaven Beach is definitely something not to be missed during your stay.

Daydream Island really is a tropical paradise that you must experience for yourself! We left feeling so rejuvenated after our week-long stay, and are looking forward to our next trip back to this island sanctuary.


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