Aussie Snorkeling Spots You Need to Add to Your Bucket List

Aussie Snorkeling Spots You Need to Add to Your Bucket List


With scorching summers, crystal clear waters and an abundance of marine life, there are no surprises why Australia and snorkeling are a match made in heaven.

The beauty with snorkeling is you don’t need a Scuba course to experience the country’s best reefs, some of which have put the land down under on the map, topping lists worldwide.

If you’re seeking an underwater adventure, look no further, because we have found the top spots to add to your bucket list, regardless of which corner of the country you find yourself in.


The Great Barrier Reef: One of the seven wonders of the natural world is the globe’s largest coral reef, The Great Barrier Reef. Stretching more than 2,300km along Queensland’s coastline, this is the ultimate snorkeler’s paradise.



Jervis Bay: Looking to take your snorkeling to the next level? Take a break from the open waters as you weave through the tunnels and caves in the north of the sheltered Bay for an extra exhilarating experience.



Binalong Bay: The Apple Isle’s temperate yet translucent waters make for some unforgettable ocean scenery. Found within the Bay of Fires, snorkelers at Binalong Bay can choose from lagoons, beaches and inlets to suit their skill level.



Cape Conran: Dubbed one of Victoria’s best kept secrets lies a wonderland of marine life just off the shoreline. Also framed by rock pools, there is more than one way to get up close and discover the marine life.



Ningaloo Reef: The 260km reef is home to some of the greatest marine species, from tropical fish to turtles, manta rays and the iconic Whale Shark. This reef has been dubbed the best place on earth to snorkel alongside these gentle giants.



West Coast Bays Marine Park: With a rugged backdrop of cliffs and rocky headlands, this is one of few places in the world where snorkelers can swim alongside the endangered Sea Lion. Known for their curiosity, it’s not unusual to have one come over to say hello!



Gove Peninsula: Be spoilt for choice as the offshore islands of Bremer, Veronica and Bromby Island promise to unlock a treasure trove of marine life. Float on the surface as manta rays, moray eels, spotted eagle rays, sea turtles and stingrays pass beneath you.


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